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And I’m not talking about food.

Last week at WordPress Wednesdays, a local meet up for WordPress users and developers held at CoCo one of my colleagues was wondering if the business model for building websites was sustainable in the face of huge disparity between what we in the US have to charge to make a living and what some of the designers offshore charge. Good question. Read more »

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Every freelancer has been faced with the problem of deciding what to charge for their work. Often the first question out of a client’s mouth is, “How much will it cost?” And I think we all do quite a bit of agonizing over coming up with an answer. If we’re a the point in our careers where our schedules aren’t full, we worry about not knowing where the next job will come from and what will happen if we don’t get this one. If the customer is an old friend just starting out and or someone with a just cause like the preservation of puppies and kittens, you might be wondering how much can you discount your rate. If you’re like me, when you tell someone how much your services will cost, you have this nagging thought in the back of your head, “That’s a lot of money! I’d be shocked if someone asked me to pay that much.” Read more »

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There’s an art to building small ads for small businesses and if you master it you can create effective ads that are kind to your budget.


While I would never refer to my readers as “stupid,” the above acronym applies to designing ads, so let’s just say it stands for “Keep It Simple Sweetheart.” And if I were to continue in cliché mode, I could use the old “Rules 2-5, refer to rule 1,” routine, because this is the most important rule and all the others really come from it.
Space is limited so non-essential copy and images just have to go. A good rule to remember is every element you ad to a design detracts from the impact of all the other elements in the design. You’ve got a very short time to get your potential customer’s attention and give them your sales pitch, skip the small talk. Read more »